Love and carbon

I realized this poem has never been shared on this blog, so here it goes. It was first written in 2011, and published in August 2012 on my Deviantart profile. Posting it here for a full circle. Thank you for reading :)

What are we?
 Just a bunch of Carbon atoms,
 roaming freely in the universe
 Until they meet, and become one,
 maybe not for eternity, but for their lifetimes.
 like aching hearts
 seen from a distance
 A distance which connects them
 yet they are far enough
 to feel the burning pain of loneliness
 A distance which fills the gap between them
 like a covalent bond
 with nothing but electrons in between
 And when the distance lowers
 the hearts become closer
 like the two moons of Barsoom
 they meet in unison
 they kiss and consume
 the valleys of distance
 and make something different
 Like a bunch of carbon atoms
 roaming freely in the universe
 Until they meet, and become one
 to create existence
 Seen from a distance
 A distance that never was
 in the hearts that were far apart
 Maybe the bond existed
 even when they were not a part
 of the bigger creation
 that we call love
 The question is if
 Love can be defined
 with carbon atoms or not
 Is it a chemical
 or a pairing of bonds
 Or just a piece of distance
 filled with feelings
 It's not what you call it,
 important is, if you call it
 or it calls you...

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