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  1. The future

    Every step I took, 
    brought me closer to today. 
    Every step I take, 
    takes me closer 
    to the promise of a tomorrow, 
    where the clouds are silver,
    and the mist hugs you 
    like an old friend of cold fire. 
    Every moment of today, 
    is another step to that far-flung future …
  2. Love and carbon

    I realized this poem has never been shared on this blog, so here it goes. It was first written in 2011, and published in August 2012 on my Deviantart profile. Posting it here for a full circle. Thank you for reading :)

    What are we?
     Just a bunch of Carbon atoms …
  3. Poetry

    Hello all!! I thought I would just write some of my poems here. Hope you enjoy.

    This one came to me while driving.....its strange,, poems come to me while driving

    Dard ki aukat kya jo tod kar rakhde mujhe
    gode me faulad ki,
    jalna seekha hai maine..

    Ishq ki …

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