Step by step WordPress site setup.

Stage 1: Domain and hosting

Step 1

Go to ZNetLive WordPress Hosting. Scroll down and click “Buy Now”. Refer to screenshot below.



Step 2

Click ‘I want to purchase a new domain’ and put in a domain that you want. Now press ‘Search’.




If the domain is available, you’ll see an option to select it. Click ‘Select’ to confirm.


Now click the ‘Add to cart’ button



Step 3

Fill in your details and click ‘Create Account’


Step 4

Click ‘Make Payment’ to go to payment screen


Selection_009Select your preferred option and checkout. Yo’ll go through the regular payment process. After it is complete, you’ll see the following


And then this


Step 5

You will receive multiple emails. Open the one with ‘Your WordPress Website is Live and ready to use’.

Selection_012Follow the instructions in “Option #2″ and you’ll reach your login page.


Step 7

Login using the credentials give in “Option #2” in the above email.


Your WordPress website is ready to use.

Stage 2 : Setting Up Accounts

Add tutorial to create  Google accounts here


Stages 3 : Plugins and themes

How to use your WordPress backend

Step 1

  • Go to WPBeginner and create an account. After email verification, you’ll be able to watch some video tutorials on how to use your WordPress backend.
  • Watch at least 1, 6, 11, 12, 13 and 17. Although it is recommended to watch all of them.

Step 2

  • Follow this link to install and configure Google Analytics by Yoast.
  • Follow this link to install and configure WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Step 3

  • Go here to see how to install Ninja Forms Plugin
  • Go here to see how to create your form.
  • Go here  to see how to configure email messages for the form.
  • Go here for more help on Ninja Forms.

Stage 4: Content

Step 1

  • Watch videos 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 at WPBeginner to learn how to create content.