Relativity is a simple, one-column WordPress theme for personal blogs. It is also suitable for use a starting point for your customizations. Relativity supports custom headers, custom background, and various post formats.

Show your identity

Relativity supports a custom logo to show yourself to the world. The logo falls back to your gravatar image by default. Use it to showcase who you are, and connect with your identity all over the web.

Beautiful featured images

Relativity shows your featured images in a beautiful and  unique way. Now make your posts even more awesome with large, but appealing featured images.

Post formats

Relativity supports a number of post formats, and helps you express yourself in different ways. Now you can blurt out long, emotion-filled stories, photo galleries of your vacation, or short, inspirational, quotes.


Gutenberg is the next-gen editing experience for WordPress, and Relativity has full support for all built-in Gutenberg blocks, and features like wide images and galleries. It also ships with editor styles, which means what you see in the editor, is very close to what you get on the actual page.

Jetpack features

Relativity has support for various Jetpack features like Content Options, Social menu, infinite scroll, and author bio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this theme support any plugins?

Relativity includes support for Infinite Scroll, content options, and social menu in Jetpack. It also supports all default Gutenberg blocks

How to set the circular image in the header?

It will pull in the admin’s gravatar by default. For a custom image, go to customizer and add a custom logo under ‘Site Identity’.

I set a custom logo, and it’s not round anymore.

That’s intentional, because you might want a different shaped logo. If your image is square, add this css code.

.custom-logo { 
    border-radius: 50%; 

That’s okay. I don’t have a way of changing this in settings, but you can use some css code like this:

.author-credit {
	font-size: 0;
.author-credit::after {
	content: "© 2019 YourAwesomeName";
	font-size: 0.875rem;