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  • Automattic


    A little more than 4 years ago today, I was going through the most rigorous interview process of my life. I didn’t know that this would lead to a whole world of possibilities for me. Today marks the 4th anniversary of me joining the most fulfilling job of my life, at this tiny little web…

  • Twenty nine

    Twenty nine

    Birthdays are weird. You’re essentially celebrating making a whole revolution around the sun, and yet you get closer to your ultimate demise. I don’t think about death much, but birthdays are a good opportunity to reflect on our time here. I turned 29 yesterday, last day of pride month. It had never occurred to me…

  • Theme updates, Gutenberg, and more focus

    Theme updates, Gutenberg, and more focus

    Updates for my WordPress themes, Gutenberg on this site, and more.

  • WordCamp slides on paper

    WordCamp slides on paper

    Working on slides for #wcnashik. Trying out actually writing stuff on paper; truly rewarding and surprisingly helpful.