A little more than 4 years ago today, I was going through the most rigorous interview process of my life. I didn't know that this would lead to a whole world of possibilities for me. Today marks the 4th anniversary of me joining the most fulfilling job of my life, at this tiny little web company of 400 odd people, called Automattic. After 4 years and many many amazing experiences, I can say that coming here was the best decision of my life.

The last 4 years have been very instrumental in shaping who I am today. It gave me the space I needed to discover myself. The unique distributed nature of our work allowed me to grow as myself. I have made many amazing friends, forged special relationships with people, found a sense of community and belonging, and so much more.

On the 10th day of my joining, I had to fly thousands of kilometers to Whistler, Canada, to attend the Grand meetup, a yearly thing where all Automatticians come together. It was basically taking an introvert like me and throwing them into a sea of strangers speaking all kinds of different languages. I found that everyone was the same, regardless of our differences. I will be forever grateful for my time with all of those amazing people, especially with the global situation now.

As I start this 5th year at this workplace which has treated me like family, I just hope that I can go on for more years like this. If you are reading this, and want to work with me, we're always hiring.

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