Twenty nine

Birthdays are weird. You're essentially celebrating making a whole revolution around the sun, and yet you get closer to your ultimate demise. I don't think about death much, but birthdays are a good opportunity to reflect on our time here.

I turned 29 yesterday, last day of pride month. It had never occurred to me how much this would mean to me some day. But here we are, and as we enter the wrath month, I look back at all these years that have passed, and I'm nothing but thankful.

I'm thankful to the person I was, that depressed, anxious, confused kid who kept me safe inside all these years. I'm thankful to all those I loved, and those who loved me back. I'm thankful to the failures and the small victories, and all those weird little things that happened. I'm thankful for being able to exist, and being able to be myself in this cruel, strange world. I'm thankful for the last 29 years of my life, and for what's yet to come.

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