An old poem

This poem has been moved from my old blog. I wrote it maybe 6-7 years ago, when I used to be in the existentialistic teen-age. 🙂 Enjoy, maybe..

Take my life
Or give me a reason to live
For all these years I’ve lived
are like stones in a lake
Sinking as they touch

Take my hand
And lead me to a world
where people don’t think
For all these thoughts i thought
are washed away by them
And their inhibitions

Take my breathe
and let me wake up
from a world of dreams
For all the dreams i saw
were shattered to pieces
on ground of reality

Take my eyes
and let me be blind
so I see nothing
For all these things I saw
were fake as a mirage
just seeming to be real

Take my soul
and let me be a stone
so I feel nothing
For all these things I felt
were happy illusions
as mean as they could be

Or take my heart
and fill it with love
So I have nothing
but you in my arms
And the world stares at me
as jealous as it could be……

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