How to view Youtube videos without flash player!!

Many times it happens that you dont have the latest version of flash player and youtube doesn’t work on the older one. Well here’s a trick that lets you watch them without flash player installed. Moreover, it gives you the options to directly view the HD/HQ version of a video(if available), and a link to download the video. Let’s go

Step1  – If you are using Mozilla Firefox, go to step 2. If not download and install it from here.

Step2  – Install the Greasemonkey plugin by clicking here.

Step3  – Install Linterna Magica

Step4  – Greasemonkey will install the script. Just restart Firefox and enjoy the tweak.

Step5  – Sit back and relax.







2 responses to “How to view Youtube videos without flash player!!”

  1. dardevelin Avatar

    What about going to and join the trial. Most Browsers these days support all the required features. Ofcourse this only works for those who don’t clear the cookies after shutting down the browser. but hey (there is always a no_delete_cache _white_list ) 😉

    1. Kavya Avatar

      This is an old post and the html5 trial thing didn’t exist that time iirc.

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