Hello world!

This is my first post. Written at 0851 hrs IST on Sun, 21 Feb 2010, on my ACER 5738 laptop running Fedora 12 with Gnome shell, with Firefox as the browser. This is a geeky, virus free, stable, state of the art system. Well why am i writing this. After the past months of emotional drama, pressure of first 3 semesters of my engineering course, and the inability to work on my website(coming soon), I had to do something new to revamp my life. And here it is, I'm writing a BLOG. I never thought I will write one, sounded kinda boring to me, huh. But now I think it must be interesting. Let's see what the oracle has to tell(not the company dude).

Well this is my first ever blog, so I'm not kinda sure what to write, but as nature recounts, some of the possibilities are:

Well this is it for now, but I'm sure I would find a lot more things to write on. Let's see what fate* has in it.

*fate is a joke..... and the joke is in your hands.

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